AdvanChip IoT Services

Cloud-Base Building Automation and Mobile-Controlled Lighting

AdvanChip Mobile Light

Industrial IoT

he said AdvanChip specializes in:

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  • Design Network Infrastructure
    Network Convergence is the key to realizing the IoT
  • Protocol Convergence
    such as from legacy protocol to open standard protocol
  • Low Power Wireless Sensor Network
  • Wireless Security with Authentication, Authorization, and Encryption
  • Integration Support

Wireless Sensor Network

reve flirter signification Install low-level sensors and actuators, collect data from those devices, convert it into a routable protocol, send it across the Internet, push it into a Big Data analytics system, and display and control mobiles – no matter where you are, all in near real time.

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Sensor Boards and Gateway Design

Г©tude sur les rencontres en ligne If the module is not commercially available, AdvanChip can custom design to fit our customer needs

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Embedded Software and FPGA Design

playgirl dating games Hardware and firmware interface codesign including embedded microcontroller and FPGA programming

opcje binarne skuteczna strategia Our Work


Cloud and Big Data

partnervermittlung kapellen Filter data and deliver the key performance indicators (KPIs) to the cloud. Once the data is centralized and analyzed, it will transform to customer engagement

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